Guardian Homes

What is a Guardian Home???

The biggest compliment I receive on my puppies is how well adjusted they are... It's a big deal, if you've ever had a puppy that's not been handled, loved on, played with, socialized then you know just how skiddish, shy, and scared an unsocialized puppy can be.


With this in mind I want the VERY BEST for my future breeding Dams, I want them to be happy, healthy, loved and spoiled. Happy momma's make happy babies.


With the above in mind, I am going to be implementing guardian homes for a few of my future dams. This will be a win, win for Benson's Doodles, my dams, and possibly you. If you've ever wanted a quality, health tested doodle, but maybe can't afford the full price tag that goes with them, then please read on.


What is a guardian home???


A guardian home is a great opportunity for a local (up to an hour from Great Falls, MT) person or family to enjoy "pick of the litter" that is considered for breeding by the breeder. There is a small deposit ($500) to ensure commitment of the guardian home, this deposit is reimbursed after the first litter is born. The puppy is physically at the guardian homes property, the Guardian is responsible for all normal veterinary care. The breeder is responsible for all genetic health testing as well as anything that relates to reproduction, and

spaying when retired from breeding.


The breeder (Michaela Benson) owns all breeding rights to the dog, for the breeding time of the dog. This does mean that any other male dogs in the home must be neutered, as well as a securely fenced in yard (or play area) to insure other unaltered dogs do not reach her during her heat. 


At the end of her breeding the dog is spayed, and then becomes the guardian homes permanent pet.


It does take a commitment and the willingness to be flexible for the needs of the breeder, but I do believe it is well worth it to receive what is typically the "cream of the crop" puppy. Of course there are requirements set forth in a contract that must be followed for obvious reasons as the value of one of these dams can be up to $5,000, Hence the reason for me to find just the right home.


Please understand there may not always be spots needed for a guardian homes, and not everyone will be a good fit for a guardian home it is decided by Michaela as it is a long term working partnership.


If you're curious to hear more, or to see the Guardian home contract please get in touch with me!