Bernedoodles in Illinois

I've been getting TONS of questions about our move, name change, and "Why Illinois?!?" lol so I thought I'd put it all on one blog post... plus to be honest the more I say the words bernedoodle, and Illinois, or bernedoodles in Illinois it boost my SEO and who wouldn't want to take advantage of that right?!?

So why the move? well we really wanted to retire in Montana, but the raising cost of home prices was just not something we could compete with.

Plus as much as I liked Montana I just wasn't in love with Montana as far as the day to day things went, that mixed with my husbands parents getting older, a daughter wanting to go to college back east, but not wanting to be that far from us we decided it was time to move back...

We honestly had like 4/5 states we were looking into, but on zillow kept coming back to the same house over and over again. It had everything we needed and seemed to fit exactly all the things we had on our need/want list so we came to look at it. We didn't think we would get it because the housing market was starting to get hot in Illinois like it is in so many other places so imagine our surprise when we were told our offer was accepted.

Thus started our journey to move to Illinois...

What's up with the name change?!? It's funny because sometimes I don't find my life that interesting, or think that people follow what's going on in my life I guess.

So it surprised me when so many people reached out and asked why I changed my business name... For me I was never really that excited about the name Benson's Doodles, it seemed to be ok, and really I just named it that because for the life of me I couldn't think of any other names. I wasn't sure if I was going to stick to only Bernedoodles or other breeds of doodles and so I just put the two together.

Now being more firm in my program, wanting to be a legit bernedoodle breeder that offers these beautiful hearts to families I wanted a name that had a ring to it, something that had options as far as branding goes because in time I'd like more then one logo (hint, hint kinslee)...

Once the offer was accepted on the house it all just clicked together so easily, none of it had to be forced like my first business name. So the same way some say to make sure the puppy chooses you, I feel like the name Wall Street Bernedoodles chose me. It probably wasn't fair to you guys because I knew the change was coming for like 6/8 weeks as I kept pestering my daughter to finish the new logo, for you it seemed like it happened over night (sorry about that!).

So what are my goals? as you might see from the second picture above I don't only breed bernedoodles, that gorgeous guy is a mini Australian labradoodle. Why do I have him? because I'm aiming for Australian Bernedoodles (see how the goal is still bernedoodle).

While I may on occasion have other breed litters available it is always with the intentions of bettering some aspect of the bernedoodle breed... Most don't realize, but breeders are always planning a year to two years down the road.

I want Wall Street Bernedoodles to be known as one of the best bernedoodle breeders in Illinois, not only the best at health and temperament, but color and customer service too. That take time and hard work, and my family and I are already doing that. Some of my near goals are to have F1b and multigen berendoodles in red & white, chocolate tri, traditional tri, phantoms and merle.

So there you have it... all the answers to why we moved, why the name change, and whats on the horizon for Wall Street Berendoodles. I hope it wasn't too boring of a read. We're excited about the year ahead of us, and can't wait to see and hear from you!

And just for fun one more adorable picture...

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