What to buy for your new puppy.

You've found your perfect Bernedoodle, now what???

Well if you're like most the next step (and sometimes almost as exciting) is to purchase all the things you'll be needing for your new fur-baby.

I get asked a lot about what families should buy in preparation for their new bernedoodle, so I thought I'd put it here in one easy location.

I've tried to make this shopping a bit easier by adding links from amazon, feel free to simply click the picture to purchase any of the items you see.

First I feed Purina Pro plan puppy. Your puppy will come to you fully weaned from soft food to puppy kibble. As a bernedoodle breeder I searched many different puppy foods, there were a couple things that I knew I needed for my families. 1. It needed to be a good brand, one that has done a lot of research into puppy food. 2. I didn't want something that had been recalled a lot. 3. It had to be accessible to my families, some buy online, some in the stores so it needed to be sold everywhere (not just in a few states). and 4. It needed to be at a certain price point, I know not everyone can afford the higher priced foods. I don't mind if you switch your puppy food, I just ask that they stay on it for at least a month while their adjusting.

Next on your list defiantly needs to be a kennel. I tell many of my families to treat their puppy like they would a newborn baby. You wouldn't let your newborn crawl around the floor unsupervised while you go take a shower, the same applies to a new puppy. I like to buy the large size that has two doors, this allows the puppy to grow into the kennel (they have a divider for when puppy is small). The two doors I like because no matter which way I want to put the kennel in my house at least one side has a door. Dogs are den animals, using a blanket or one of the cute crate covers shown on the right helps make puppy feel safe, secure, and right at home.

Others of course are water and food bowls, a dog bed, collar and a leash.

another thing to consider is something like this handy GPS tracker.

Other things to consider, but that don't need to be bought necessarily before bringing puppy home is a brush, nail trimmers if you plan to trim them yourself. I also like pet wipes and pet spray/fur deodorizers for in-between baths.

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