It’s a well-known fact that Bernedoodles are not cheap. The average price for a Bernedoodle is currently $3000, but many can go higher than that depending on the quality of the breeding and training they receive.

Buying any dog is like buying a car. There are ways to minimize the cost by reducing the “features”, but you run the risk of a second rate product.

Here are some factors that lower the price of a Bernedoodle:

  • Coloring - Solid colored, bi-colors and dull or undesirable colored puppies will be priced less.

  • Standard size - Bernedoodle puppies that will grow to be 55+ pounds tend to cost less.

  • No health testing done on the puppies or parents

  • No training or socialization done on the puppies

  • Bulk breeders (These breeders turn out so many puppies every year they can lower the price on each one. Sort of like when a product is mass-produced. These are Puppy Mills and should be avoided (No price reduction is worth buying a puppy from these places!)

  • Not vetted, vaccinated, or dewormed

  • Hobby breeders - These people simply do it out of love and won’t charge much for their puppies. They usually don’t know what their dogs are worth and “Just want to see them go to good homes”. It’s hard to find these people and often you lose out on the experience and education an actual breeder gives.

  • Just a puppy, no extras - you receive a puppy and that’s it.

These factors drive the price of a Bernedoodle up:

  • Coloring - Tri-colors, Sables, Phantoms, Merles….all the beautiful flashy colors will be more expensive

  • Mini and Micro sizes - these are harder to breed and often need more vetting so they are priced higher.

  • Health testing - Health testing is extremely costly and drives the cost up. The benefit is that your puppy will be healthier and have fewer vet bills in the future.

  • Training and Socialization - a well-socialized puppy is worth its weight in gold, but to turn a puppy into a confident, willing to please, easy to train dog, breeders must invest countless hours and daily handling into it.

  • Vaccinations, deworming, vet checked, dewclaws removed, etc.

  • Luxury Puppy packs - Puppies can be sent home with essential supplies, education, coupons, and other items to make life easier for the new puppy owner. These puppy packs can often be valued at $100+.

  • Knowledgeable, Experienced breeder - when hiring the services of any professional, you pay more for the best.

When looking at your budget, consider the trade-offs you will make in your future puppy. Remember, a puppy will be with you for many, many years and the compromises you make now will have a long term impact.