Cassie now known as Millie is adjusting very well.  She is very loving and playful.  It took her about 10 minutes before she thought she ruled the household.  She is sleeping up to five hours at night without needing to go to the bathroom. Her potty training is going very well she's a very smart girl we are having so much fun. 



She had so much fun! She drank, ate, peed, pooped, met the other dogs and chickens and grand babies! Shes exhausted! Thank you!



She's doing great and has made herself completely at home at the prairie.  She has her first visit with her vet tomorrow 



Good morning! This is Amie. 

We adopted Adeline (now Kiya). I wanted to tell you that she is incredible! 

Smart, calm, the right amount of silly and spunky. 

We all love her 


Sadie is getting in a nap before heading home to Colorado! Love her so much, can't thank you enough! -Sam


Good Morning! The puppies are so amazing! We already love them so much! 



Omg I'm in love! Callie indeed has the sweetest and most laid back personality and is so intelligent.  She rode on Steve's or his dads lap the whole ride and was only nervous for the 1st 15 min.  She communicated when she had to go potty and went immediately after they pulled over.  When they arrived at midnight and I put my hand out for her to smell me, she immediately gave me so many kisses. She didn't cry last night and again communicated at 3 (pee) and 6am (#2) when she had to go potty. I am so excited for the kids to wake up and meet their best surprise ever! Thank you for loving on her and socializing her to ppl. She is a gift.


Our Mocha (previous Callie) just over 6 months. Still such a sweet girl. She thinks everybody is her best friend.


Here's some pictures of Mya (Clover) she is doing really well and we love her so much vet says she's on schedule to be a 55 pound adult and that is perfect!